This episode is all about YOU! That's right, all about you as a consumer. "Consumerism" isn't a word you hear very often in the realm of birth and bab...View Details

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Today, HeHe is joined by Ann Marie Paul, a spiritual activator for divine feminine wisdom. She teaches the ancient art of Yoni Eggs which opens up a w...View Details

Are you a mama that wonders if your birth is "normal"? Do you look back on your birth and think "Things didn't go... like I thought they would." Maybe...View Details

Have you ever wondered if hypnosis might be a useful tool for your labor support toolbox? Many women use hypnosis as a way to manage with the pressure...View Details

Seriously, stop washing your vagina. First, HeHe is explaining why you should never wash your vagina and if you wash your vulva, there are a few rules...View Details

This episode is one that many families ("nanny families" --check out episode #89) will need to hear, relisten to, and probably refer back to numerous ...View Details

Are you blocking yourself? Are you really the problem?! The good news is that if you're the problem, then that's an easy solution! In this episode, He...View Details

Today is an episode that is so needed, but so many people do not dare walk in this territory. Well, we are. Sex Therapist, Dr. Alex Chinks, joins HeHe...View Details

It's no secret that HeHe is a firm believer in "Mindset is 90%" of the game mentality. This episode, she is sharing how you can mold your mindset and ...View Details

Julie Starr, Founder of Starr Yoga and Shift by Julie, joins HeHe in today's episode to talk all about the common misconceptions that people have when...View Details

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